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Takisada-Nagoya has developed high-performance thread NIROL™ that utilizes inorganic rare metals (CWO™).

Takisada-Nagoya proposes NIROL™, a near-infrared ray-absorbing fiber originally developed in cooperation with Sumitomo Metal Mining Co.Ltd., for apparel, sports, miscellaneous goods, and other fields.We will deliver sustainable functional fibers that anyone can experience.
    • CWO™ rare metal

    • Regular pellet

  • NIROL™ pellet
    (polyester, nylon)

  • NIROL™ thread

  • NIROL™ fabric

Features of NIROL™

Coloring possible

Coloring is possible. NIROL™ is suitable for coloring not only black and gray products that use black absorbents, such as conventional heat-storing/heat-retaining materials, but also highly bright products including white ones, enabling development of highly fashionable clothing products.

Long-lasting physical properties/effects

Since a special inorganic material is kneaded in the fiber, WarmdArt® has long-lasting effects. With only a small amount of material added, the fiber has the same properties as those of existing polyester fiber.


Using recycled polyester, NIROL™ provides a sustainable material that is environmentally friendly from various points of view.

Quick drying/prevention of chilling from sweat

Under the sunlight, due to its high heat-storing function, dries in about half the time compared to ordinary polyester materials.

Effects of CWO™

About Near-infrared rays Energy


  • Near-infrared42%
  • Visible52%
  • Ultraviolet6%
CWO™ can overwhelmingly absorb near-infrared light, which account for about 42% of sunlight.