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from absorbing near-infrared wavelengths,
Highly effective against infrared cameras
anti-sneak peeking effect.

Test for Prevention of Unauthorized Infrared Photography


    Black fabric (Product number CD21850)
    Dark blue fabric (Product number 8300022100)

    Coating method:
    Spray coating of infrared absorbent dispersion on one side of the fabric

    Shooting conditions
    Camera:Infrared camera (PENTAX)
    Shooting location:室内
    Light source:白色LED
    Base:Eye chart (C mark)

Table 2: Infrared image of sample (according to concentration of infrared absorber)

  • 0%(未加工)

  • 1%

  • 2%

  • 3%

  • 5%

  • 10%

  • 15%

  • 30%

*The images in the printed materials may look different from the actual images.

The validation data is from commercially available tricot fabrics for swimwear. While the unprocessed product makes the eye chart behind the back surface visible, N-Shut™ fabric at 3% dilution makes the eye chart invisible.

Yarn count/non-woven/cotton


75D 48F MB 4% SDY

75D 48F MB 4% DTY

150D 48F MB 4% SDY

150D 48F MB 4% DTY


70D 68F MB 4% DTY

20D 20F MB 4% SDY