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Personal Information Protection Policy
TAKISADA-NAGOYA (“this Company” hereinafter) recognizes the importance of personal information protection and strives to protect personal information as based on the following policy.
Legal and Regulatory Compliance
Handling of personal information at this Company shall strictly comply with all laws and regulations related to personal information protection and other relevant social norms, and this Company shall establish company internal rules, making sure they are thoroughly known and understood by all company directors and employees.
Safe Management of Personal Information
This company shall appoint safe management supervisors for the handling of personal information who shall implement appropriate safety measures and perform thorough management in order to prevent the loss, leakage, use for defamation, and unauthorized access of personal information acquired by this Company.
Acquisition of Personal Information
If collecting or acquiring personal information, this Company shall specify its intended use in advance, and only acquire information within the range necessary to perform our business operations, and by using legal and fair means to do so.
Intended Uses of Personal Information
This Company shall only use acquired personal information within the range of the intended use indicated when acquired and such use shall be limited to that necessary to perform our business operations.
Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
This Company shall never provide or disclose personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the person to whom the information pertains except if providing pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations.
Disclosure, Revision, Deletion, and Halt of Use of Personal Information
If requested by the person to whom the information pertains to disclose, revise, delete, halt the use of, or similar action for personal information possessed by this Company, the appropriate corresponding action shall be taken after confirming that the person requesting such action is actually the person to whom the information pertains.
Revision of this Policy
This Company shall properly review this policy and take the appropriate actions to further improve our measures to protect personal information.The above policy also applies to this Company’s website and the equivalent protection of personal information acquired from customers and other persons shall be provided. Refer to “About Customer Information” below for more information regarding the handling of personal information on this Company’s website.
About Customer Information
This page explains the measures implemented by Takisada-Nagoya Co., Ltd. (“Takisada-Nagoya” hereinafter) in regards to handling of personal information.
Takisada-Nagoya does not actively collect personal information on website visitors except as indicated in the detailed information below. Refer to the following items for more detailed information.
Information Collection
Takisada-Nagoya does not actively collect personal information on this website. The information automatically sent by a visitor’s browser can be used. Information sent by a browser normally includes the domain name (part after the “@” of an e-mail address) and may include the user’s name (part before the “@” of an e-mail address). As the contents of the information sent differs depending on the type and settings of the browser used, check your browser if you want more detailed information. Individual visitors are not identified except in cases such as the tracing of users in relation to a security breach or cooperation with authorities in relation to a legal issue.
About Collected Information
Information automatically sent from a browser is used to ascertain items such as which website pages a visitor views, via what website a visitor has arrived, or which website a visitor visits next. It may be additionally used to ascertain the usage status of this website and improve the quality and structure of the website in the future.
Provision of Information to Third Parties
TAKISADA-NAGOYA does not use information collected on this website for marketing purposes. Although information may be transferred to a server located outside of the country due to the character of the Internet, this is performed for data storage purposes and not for marketing purposes. Additionally, relevant information may be provided if there is a security breach or so requested by authorities. Information including data enabling the identification of an individual may be used after disposing of such data with the remaining data used for historical and statistical purposes.


The e-mail address of a visitor who willfully sends an e-mail to Takisada-Nagoya is used by TAKISADA-NAGOYA to send a reply. Information such as an e-mail address enabling the identification of an individual is never used for marketing purposes. Although the same information may be collected if a person has visited this website in the past, visitors consent to this privacy policy upon visiting this website and consent to the continuous usage by TAKISADA-NAGOYA of the information collected during the previous visit.


For the convenience of visitors, this website contains links to websites other than that of TAKISADA-NAGOYA. Although TAKISADA-NAGOYA has properly implemented this privacy policy for our website, we cannot guarantee any protections or policies in relation to information collection and privacy for websites not administered by TAKISADA-NAGOYA. We recommend reading the privacy policy of the corresponding website if visiting a website other than that of TAKISADA-NAGOYA.