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Absorbs and cuts near-infrared rays that cause heat
and cut the near-infrared rays that cause the heat.


in order to verify heat shielding,the test is carried out by placing the fabric outside the test device.Compared to the blank fabric,the beige using Sun Veil shot™ proves “heat shielding effect of 2℃ within 5 minutes from the start.”

Yarn count/non-woven/cotton


75D 48F MB 2% SDY
75D 48F MB 4% SDY
75D 48F MB 8% SDY

75D 48F MB 2% DTY
75D 48F MB 4% DTY
75D 48F MB 4% DTY(S撚り)

150D 48F MB 2% SDY
150D 48F MB 4% SDY

150D 48F MB 2% DTY
150D 48F MB 4% DTY


70D 68F MB 2% DTY
70D 68F MB 4% DTY

20D 20F MB 2% SDY
20D 20F MB 4% SDY