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CWO™ is a near-infrared ray absorbing material patented and trademarked by Sumitomo Metal Mining Co.



Cross-Industrial Tag Team with Mining Companies

Takisada-Nagoya proposes NIROL™, a near-infrared ray-absorbing fiber originally developed in cooperation with Sumitomo Metal Mining Co.Ltd., for apparel, sports, miscellaneous goods, and other fields.
We will deliver sustainable functional fibers that anyone can experience.


Utilizing sunlight, which is a renewable energy source,
Achieves a temperature difference of more than 10°C compared to the crimpers.
Thermal storage material that everyone can feel

Absorbs and cuts near-infrared rays that cause heat and cut the near-infrared rays that cause the heat.

from absorbing near-infrared wavelengths, Highly effective against infrared cameras anti-sneak peeking effect.

UV protection alone does not protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays Reduces the burden on the skin by absorbing and cutting near-infrared rays Prevents both UV and near-infrared rays at the same time